• This motorcycle fender is off of a firefighter special edition
  • It came in because it had a little fender bender on the rear of the fender, it should have been an easy fix but it turned into a bigger project then I had thought
  • I had realized the paint was flaking off the fender to easy so when I had looked closer I could see that the metal was not sanded, you must sand metal in order to get your paint to stick
  • Not only did I realize the metal was not sanded but their was surface rust through out the whole fender it looked like they had some kind of sealer over the fender but that doesn’t do any good because the metal was not protected or sanded. Their was no corrosion protection on the bare metal and no primer so it so a no brainer why it was rusting
  • So I sanded all the paint off and started over you have to in this situation it won’t last more than a few months if you paint over the top of it without fixing the issue the paint will flake off eventually and be a bigger mess
  • I sanded the bare metal fix the repair area put corrosion protection on bare metal and then primed the fender also I did the same thing to the underside as well
  • I had put a medium coat of undercoat under the fender for better protection and durability it takes a lot of abuse with the tire kicking up debri
  • I used a base coat clear coat
  • The biggest challenge believe it or not was the painted stripe I had to find a color that matched that gold color they had on their, I used blue fine line to out line the painted stripe, I think had ripped the blue fine line off 4 times before I though it looked right
  • So in the end it was done right I could give the fender back to the custom feeling confident that paint job on that fender was going to last a long time